Coastal and Offshore Permafrost in a Changing Arctic


Coastal permafrost environments are undergoing profound change in response to climate warming. While the response of thawing terrestrial permafrost has been the subject of extensive investigation, less is known about the associated changes occurring in coastal and offshore environments, or the impacts on coastal communities and ecosystems.  This Rapid Response Assessment (RRA) raises awareness about the importance of coastal permafrost and identifies urgent research needs. It also considers the perspectives and concerns of Arctic peoples and how changes in coastal permafrost affect their daily lives. Residents from affected communities in the western Canadian Arctic were influential in focusing the scope of the assessment.

This RRA has been produced using ArcGIS StoryMap technology, which enables a rich online viewing experience with interactive maps, innovative graphics, and video. In addition to the two parts of the main report, we have also released a crowdsource StoryMap where people can share their own observations and experiences related to coastal permafrost.